Goodbye and Hello

Well, sad to say it, but this legacy was a bust… Unfortunately something was wrong with my hard drive and it had to be replaced. I really loved this family. But that’s okay! As I am an optimist, (most of the time) I will take this as a chance to start over! To fix everything that I didn’t like about this legacy and to start a new, better, brighter, more dramatized legacy! Since I already have a small readership on here that I’d hate to lose I will be directing you to my new project, The Dane Legacy! These characters will be more developed, more emotional, and.. well more everything! And because I have a thing about squeezing every ounce of detail I can into one chapter, BE PREPARED, for one, two, three, even four part chapters! I must say though, one of the characters on this legacy really stuck to me, his story, his drama, his personality, I will be memorializing him in my next legacy, now you’re probably wondering who this person is, and it is our very own Phoenix West! His name will show up somewhere throughout the legacy, as a throwback to this one. So get ready for the Dane Legacy! Coming May 2015!


The Disaster

Alright I’m just revising this because I wasn’t happy with the original. So basically here’s what happened, I was having trouble with my game before I updated it, I wasn’t able to save but, I like idiot I am I ignored it and thought it would get fixed when I update it, Good news, it did get fixed, bad news, I lost EVERYTHING. All the the or 5th generation townies? Gone. We’re back to being stuck with Summer Holiday and The Pancakes. That means we lost Kaye, Lindsey, Christine, basically A LOT of people, more bad news, we lost June, I didn’t save her to the gallery, soo she’s gone, basically I have this, Eva when she was a teenager, Child Nash and Pearl, Mario, and their parents Piper and Cole. SO I’m going to age up Eva, make a Sim that I seriously hope Resembles Callen, and play with their genetics until I get the kids looking the way I want them to. But hey, What’s a legacy without tragedy? (I was just hoping the tragedy wouldn’t actually leak into the real world…) Anyways, I’m going to move them into a new house WITH A BASEMENT (Literally the only good thing that came out of this) and just try to make them work. My day will probably be filled with creating townies and fixing this mess, so any questions, comments, or sympathy will be much appreciated. xD anyways, bye guys, and say goodbye to the original family, because there is going to be a lot of changes in the next chapter.



So I’ve come up with a possible solution, I really want to keep Lindsey and Kaye, but I’m realizing it’s going to be extremely hard for me to recreate them just as they were, so My solution is to create two new sims, whether they have the same names are up to you, they’re definitely going to have the same personalities, they would fill the roles of Lindsey and Kaye, I don’t want to make this decision on my own, so if you guys have any input I’d love to hear it!!

West Family Legacy: Generation 1 Chapter 17

So I’ve made a decision. I Have a lot on my plate right now, schoolwork, housework, finishing all ten seasons of supernatural… Important stuff, as you can see. So I’ve decided to push my chapters to two weeks apart. Don’t freak … Continue reading

West Family Legacy: Generation 1 Chapter 16

Hey Everyone! So sorry in advance if this is off schedule, I’m going to be in Florida by the time I may or my not be posting this and I unfortunately can’t bring my desktop on an airplane xD.

Authors Apology

Hi people! Remember me? I wouldn’t, I’ve been gone for sooo long without explanation, well, here’s your explanation. Vacation. Florida was wonderful, and it sure as hell beats the 6 feet of snow I have here in New York. So if my absence hasn’t destroyed my small but awesome readership, I hereby promise to have chapter 16 up by the end of the week. If I break this promise then… well I don’t know, I’ll let you guys pick the consequence. In conclusion, I’m reaaaaaaally sorry and I hope you forgive me. 


West Family Legacy: Generation 1 Chapter 15

Hellooooo!! Ah, it’s good to be back, I suppose this cover business isn’t really worth it anyways, this theme keeps cutting off the writing, I think I’ll keep putting the slightly translucent strip there though because I don’t like that little thing sticking out. Anyways, … Continue reading